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The Weight of Light

A blog of Admiration for the light Michele Obama exudes. Lawyer, Mother, Author, and Wife are titles often used to describe the roles Michele Obama plays in society, but barely scratch the surface of her accomplishments and vow of dedication to the women and children of America. Michelle transformed the lives of the American people through four main initiatives: Let's Move, Joining Forces, Reach Higher, and Girls Opportunity Alliance. Let's Move is an initiative that fights childhood obesity and builds healthy habits in schools and at home. Michelle took an active approach by visiting schools in America and helping restructure their cafeteria menus to include balanced meals and help fight the overload of junk food in schools. Joining Forces is an initiative that recognizes the veterans of America and their families who need support in education, employment, and wellness. Michelle Obama started this initiative with Jill Biden in 2011 to help give back to veterans and their families who spent their lives serving the American people and fighting for their country. Reach Higher is an initiative to help the youth of America pursue higher education past high school by exposing students to career and college opportunities, encouraging summer learning opportunities, supporting high school career counselors, and understanding financial aid eligibility. Much like our founder of FouGen Sandy, Michelle believes that no child should be denied the gift of education. Girls Opportunity Alliance is a program of the Obama Foundation built to empower girls around the world through education. Girls Opportunity Alliance is the sister branch of another Obama Foundation program called My Brothers Keepers Alliance. My Brother's Keepers Alliance was built to help close the gaps in opportunity and employment for boys and men in black and other ethnic minorities. With GOA and MBKA, Michelle Obama organizes events and projects to continue the growth of education in adolescents nationwide in America today, even after being out of office since 2017.

A current project for the Girls Opportunity Alliance was #GetHerThere, a global call to empower our current generation of girls to reach their dreams and receive an education. #GetHerThere was a discussion panel campaign that took place in New York led by Michelle Obama and joined by Amal Clooney, Melinda French Gates, and Wanjiru Wahome on October 5th, 2022. At the panel, these fearless leading women discussed ways to end child marriages, raise money for adolescent girls' education, and aimed a new collaboration for advancing gender equality. Whilst continuing to share her activism for education, Michelle also uses her voice to encourage youth through writing books. She's Just released a book called The Light We Carry, which shares pieces of her life and what she's learned to live boldly with love and gratitude. Michelle's new book is a survival guide to learning how to find gratitude in the most trying of times while staying hopeful and balanced. Her strategies and wisdom carry such a profound light against the heavyweight cast by the uncertainties of the world we live in. Michelle carried a lot of scrutiny from the American people while in office from opposing political parties but never waivered in fearlessly leading projects for youth, health, education, women's rights, and equality. Michelle utilized her platform while in office and continues to do so today with the same tenacity and acts of commitment. The weight of sharing light can feel heavy at times, but Michelle Obama takes this in stride and uses this feeling to stay focused on empowering others. Her dedication to helping youth is something we connect with as FouGen, and appreciate her genuine commitment to changing lives with the gift of education. Michelle's voice of wisdom, gratitude, focus, and ever-illuminating positive outlook is a vessel for joy and success to anyone open to receiving.


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