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This Months Women of excellence Nimisha Brahmbhatt

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Join us for our next episode of BAME Women conversations hosted by the CEO of BAME Women, Sandy Idigbe ADPR.

We had the honour of interviewing the incredible Nimisha Brahmbhatt.

Nimisha is an award-winning strategic advisor, a proud serial sustainable entrepreneur and the founder of Quantum Global Consultants. She is a passionate advocate and activist for positive social and environmental change.

Nimisha has been featured in publications including NatWest Business, Top MBA, Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Sloane, Dubai and Technology Magazines to name a few.

We discussed Nimisha's early aspirations, wanting to get into art and then pivoting to take tech by storm. The importance of your own journey, taking losses as lessons and scrap comparison.



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