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International Women's Day - Women in Climate Action Event BAME WOMEN EXCLUSIVE MARCH 7th-9th

This International Women's Day, Leaving a Legacy are bringing together Women paving the way forward in Climate Action

Purchase a ticket at the link below quoting BAME at checkout for a free ticket

The world has made mass strides in the fight for Gender Equality over the past 25 years, however in the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic, inequalities have widened. According to a UN Foundation report, the pandemic has seen a spike in domestic violence as girls and women; the loss of employment for women who hold the majority of insecure, informal and lower-paying jobs; the risk shouldered by the world’s nurses, who are predominately women; and the rapid increase in unpaid care work that girls and women mostly provide already.

So, if that is what the Pandemic will do, what will Climate change do? In honour of International Women's Day 2022, Leaving a Legacy are bringing together Women working in Climate Action and paving the way for our Sustainable Future.

This three day event will explore themes such as;

  • How gender equality is both impacting and impacted by climate change

  • Highlight women led organisations delivering front-line climate action initiatives

  • Spotlighting female founders, who are growing businesses that are building solutions to the current climate crisis

  • Showcasing how the response to climate change is creating jobs for women

We are honoured to be joined by speakers and business from various aspects of society, bringing perspectives from Policy, Activism, Front line Action and Enterprise.

Jessica Kleczka, a climate justice activist, social scientist, educator and writer joining us to discuss "How Climate Change is impacting and impacted by Gender Equality" Dr Corina Shika Kwami from The Climate Lab, at Purpose, joining us to talk about her reflection on Water as a resource, is the context of Climate Change. Robert Barnard-Weston, lovingly known as the Grandfather of Sustainability, Co-Founder of Transform ESG, Member of the Board of Directors at the Association of Sustainability Practitioners, joins us to discuss his 30 years of work across building sustainable cities, looking at how COMMUNITY CLIMATE CLUBS are the lowest-cost, highest impact Climate Action opportunity Tina Alderson, joins us from Kendal College. Passionate about carbon literacy and designing a standardised starting point for sustainability, Tina reflect on her time at COP26, and the need for an inclusive mindset to education celebrating how much we can learn from and with each other, as the world addresses 'the race to a better world.

Co-Founder of Superfoodio, Nirali Buch-Mankodi joins us to share an Entrepreneurial perspective on building a business and brand that has a mission to create plant based treats for the pleasure of people and the planet. Sarah Brownlie joins us from Wilder Carbon, a unique mechanism for locking up additional carbon through restoration of native habitat via reinstatement of natural processes in the UK Amy Slack, Head of Campaigns and Policy at Surfers Against Sewage, joins us to share how she is leading the fight against Plastic Pollution, Ocean & Climate Recovery, and Water Quality work to deliver their mission for a 'thriving ocean, thriving people' Marianne Moore, joins us from Justice Studio, to discuss her work over the last 12 years on Gender Equality and Social Justice, in the context of Climate Change Meera Kotak joins us from Charles River Associates, after her recent attendance to COP26. She is going to be highlighting neutral reflections from COP and the importance of a just transition. Founder of LUXTRA, Jessica Kruger joins us to share her perspectives on building Vegan Handbag Brand LUXTRA, a proudly certified B-corp and their mission is to promote responsible production & consumption by crafting beautiful & evermore sustainable treasures for daily life. Carol Ofafa, joins us all the way from Kenya. In her role as electrical engineer, energy expert, at the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO), Carol is currently a Supervisor at the Suswa Converter station which is part of the Ethiopia-Kenya interconnector transmission line project. and having spoken at COP-26 on the role of women, Carol joins us to speak on youth in the climate change solutions. Warrior Women herself, Karla Morales Lee, Founder of Warrior Group Consulting and The Warrior Women Network, also on the Steering Committee for She Change Climate, joins us to discuss the key messages from COP26 and optimism in a time of revolution and inequality The wonderful Elizabeth Wathuti, will be joining us to share her reflections on COP26 and most importantly showcase the work she is doing on the Climate front-lines in Kenya through her organisation Green Generations Initiative Ishaan Shah joins us to share his reflections on his recent work at UN Women as a National Youth Representative for Generation Equality, looking at how climate change is impacting gender equality. All proceed from the Summit, go towards championing locally led nature-based solutions in communities vulnerable to climate change in Kenya. Spearheaded by Elizabeth Wathuti, this year our efforts are in support of Green Generations Initiative (GGI), our local partner in Kenya, are working with schools to establish food forests to provide provide much needed nutrition for young children and create food security for future generations For every Ticket purchased we will be able to plant and grow one indigenous fruit tree to maturity through our partner GGI, and facilitate the vital education of front-line communities on adapting to climate change. In light of the unfolding situation in Ukraine, we (the event organisers) have also promised to match fund all proceeds raised, and donate these across three front-line organisations providing support to hospitals (Project Hope), Animal shelters (Shelter Ugolyok) and children (UNICEF). All students can attend our events Free-of-charge. In order to facilitate this, we work through Student Societies, Dept Event Teams and Career Services. If you can please send us an email at referencing where you are studying (school/university/college) and a relevant contact we will be able to set up the process and get you enrolled for a free ticket. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q1. How can I access the Event? The Entire conference is being broadcast in Zoom, and an event link will be sent you via event-brite No links will be provided via any separate emails or platforms Our event team will be regularly updating this event page with more information and inspiration! Q2. What if I cannot attend all the session across the 3 days? An email will be sent out to all attendees at the end of the day signposting you to the events sessions that have taken place on that day. Once you have those links you can re-watch at your leisure.

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