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Our BAME Woman of the week is the uplifting Halima Khan!

Halima works extremely hard to raise awareness of women in sport, particularly women of different faiths and cultures after experiencing first-hand how difficult it is, she used her passion for this to drive a social change where women are inspired and empowered through the outlet of sport without any discrimination or prejudge.

Halima on Opening Boundaries: “Sport is a powerful tool for engagement in bringing people from different backgrounds together whilst raising awareness of the issues surrounding women's equality and global peace”. “I set up Opening Boundaries to empower people to reach their potential through the medium of sports and physical activity. I hope to raise awareness of issues around diversity and inclusion in any form and encourage people to come forward and be the change they want to see”.

Whilst breaking boundaries in sport, Halima is also working for a National Charity as an Independent Director. Her main focus in the role is Diversity and Inclusion for Triathlon England. This is one of her many contributions to the sporting world close to home and worldwide.

Leading by example, something we love to see it!


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