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Our BAME Woman of the week is the revolutionary, Yasmin Sheikh!

Yasmin has contributed to serious changes made over the past five years when it comes to how organizations approach disability and health conditions. Yasmin left her job in 2015 at Clyde & Coworking as a personal injury solicitor to set up Diverse Matters and has been making marvelous changes ever since. Yasmin's goal is to change common perceptions around disabilities and training companies to approach them with confidence and compassion to welcome an array of diverse talent.

Diverse Matters has supported many major law firms such as JP Morgan, EY, and Thomson Reuters to name a few. Yasmin offers training, workshops, and webinars as well as general consultancy in relation to disability within the workplace.

As well as speaking at cooperating events, Yasmin is a well-loved TEDx speaker and spoke recently on society's perception of disability. Yasmin is currently a vice-chair at the Law of Society's Lawyers with Disabilities network.

As well as Yasmin's consultancy work, she has recently been doing stand-up comedy, acting, and work alongside the BBC navigating discussions and supporting directors and writers about the importance of people with disabilities being in control of their own narrative.

We look forward to following Yasmin's story as she continues to change the narratives and people's attitudes towards disabilities in the workplace and day to day.


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