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Our BAME Woman of the week is the beautiful, Yvonne Bajela.

Yvonne is the Founding Member and Principal at @impactxcapital, a UK-based venture capital fund founded to invest in companies led by underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Over the last five years, Yvonne has invested over £200 million in various startups across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa including @wiseaccount (formerly TransferWise), @theflutterwave, and @getmarshmellow

Before becoming a venture capital investor, Yvonne worked in various countries including Israel, Kenya, and Japan, where she advised fast-growing companies on scaling into highly competitive international markets.

A board member and passionate leader, Yvonne is an advocate for increasing diversity in entrepreneurship and leadership. She has been featured in many publications including @forbes, Management Today and @financialtimes. Last year she was listed on the @forbesunder30, Europe Finance List, along with a position on Forbes’ 25 Leading Black British People.

Everyone at @bamewomen looks forward to seeing more amazing things from Yvonne!


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