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A space in Soho celebrating Art by Black Women – At Peace Exhibition at Gillian Jason Gallery

Typically, and white male field, The Gillian Jason Gallery in the heart of Soho has launched a monumental exhibition exclusively for Black Female Artists.

Jade Foster proudly created At Peace, Jade being of Jamaican and St Lucian heritage found a perfect gap in the market and is moving swiftly forward to make waves in the art world.

The At Peace show is a collaboration displaying the work of five leading female black artists who are challenging the narrative in the art world.

The very specially selected pieces on display at the Gillian Jason Gallery are described as “unbound by prejudice; subverting and rethinking how Black women and figures have been regarded by Western naturalistic classical and modernist traditions within painting” – which we think is simply ground-breaking.

It could be said that the entire collaboration is a work of art in itself, each peace carefully selected stands as an individual spectacle. In particular, one piece being two meters tall, dominating the majority of the first room in the gallery.

Each artist contributes a unique and special quality to the art exhibition.

The one below, depicts “Barbados cutting ties with the British Monarchy after 396 years to become a Republic.”


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